26 thoughts on “Maariv: Google Will Censor Videos Inciting Palestinian Violence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. DFM Tzipi Hotovely met with Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki and with Jennifer Downes [Source: MFA]

    In the meetings, Hotovely raised the problem of incitement which goads small children to go out and stab innocents: “The daily stabbings in Israel are a result of young boys and girls who are indoctrinated from an early age in the Palestinian education system and through social media. We are engaged daily in confronting incitement to violence, a task which can benefit greatly from the cooperation of those companies that are involved in social media.”

    1. @ Oui: What’s interesting is that the MFA press release doesn’t mention strengthening relations between the MFA & Google. IT doesn’t mention establishing any apparatus to monitor inciting videos. Did the Maariv overstate things? Make it up?

  2. What exactly did Tzipi say on her Facebook page about rebuilding the holy temple?

    The Times of Israel reported her as saying, “If I were to tell the prime minister what’s correct, in my eyes it’s definitely not proper to see the flags of the Islamic State or Hamas, in my eyes that’s a disgrace,” she said. “We need to fly the [Israeli] flag. This is the capital of Israel and this is the holiest place for the Jewish people.”

    This sounds very different from ‘destroying the Haram al Sharif’ and rebuilding the Temple.

    1. You know the truth , Why lie ? Palestinians have never supported isis or diesh. If you Dont support the killings of both Palestinians and Israelis , Speak out for peace , Don’t make excuses for theft and killing,

    2. @ Mrs. Phlegm: Here’s a rule for you. If you think I’m wrong about something, do further research before publishing such a claim. If you don’t do such research & falsely claim that I’m wrong, I will point that out to you in no uncertain terms.

      Tzipi Hotovely said on another occasion that “The construction of the temple in its place on Temple Mount should symbolize the renewal of the sovereignty of the People of Israel in its Land.”

      Not to mention it’s simply foolish to bet against these ministers being rabid right-wing hooligans. Of course they all want to rebuild the TEmple & all want to destroy Al Aqsa. The subtler among them may not say these things publicly or may allude to them with a wink & nod. Hotovely is not among them. She is not subtle.

        1. @ Ida: We agree at least on that. But I’m not sure why you wouldn’t say that about the rest of the cabinet. Almost all of them either agree explicitly & publicly with this view; or agree privately & just haven’t said so publicly (yet). This view is a sine qua non of the Israeli far-right, which controls the country. So it should be no surprise to anyone.

  3. If an native-American will wish for the white man to disappear or a Kurd wish for independence, will you say they are Messianic nuts?

    A Jew who doesn’t wish for it does follow the 13 foundations of Jewish beliefs according to the RAMBAM (13 עיקרים).

    How does wishing for something is such a sin around here? I wish to have a million dollars, does it make me a thief?

    1. Tzipi Hotovely with life size Israeli flag against the background of the Rock of the Dome. Talking about incitement …

      @ Arik
      You wish for a million dollars? Have you bought a balaclava yet? And burglar’s equipment? Specified your target?

      In the case of the Third Temple retards things have gone a bit beyond mere wishing:


    2. Funny that you compare the Israeli side with the native Americans and the Kurds. Most people would find that the Palestinian side bears more resemblance to them.

  4. Social media giants at a global conference in Jerusalem say the best defense is a good offense in countering racist screeds (May 2015)

    Google and Facebook need your help to police online hate

    Google’s Downs said the multi-billion dollar corporation struggles to fight for a world without discrimination while maintaining free speech. As stated in its community guidelines, “This can be a delicate balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack a protected group [such as a religion, race, or ethnicity], the content crosses the line.”

    For Google, said Downs, “context is key.” The company uses the acronym “EDSA” to help determine if a post should be blocked from one of its many platforms (YouTube is a Google product), asking whether it educates, documents, or is scientific or artistic.

    The most effective solution, as proposed by Google’s Downs and Facebook’s Milner, is not more legislation, or increased monitoring. Based on their companies’ experience and outsourced research, the best way to deal with hate speech is “counterspeech.”

    Downs suggested using satire and comedy to combat racist views, adding that Google is hosting events to bring together successful YouTube producers with credible voices in affected communities. “Counterspeech is a promising strategy in doing hearts and minds work,” she said.

    [Facebook-commissioned research done by UK think tank DEMOS, in a comparison with hate speech, counterspeech had significantly more impact as measured by interactions and shares.]

  5. Anyone who advocates for the destruction of the Aqsa sanctuary is no different to the fanatic lunatics who destroyed the world heritage Bamyam Buddhas in Afghanistan and the fanatic lunatics who destroyed ancient Palmyra in Syria. They have the same mentality. The Aqsa sanctuary belongs to the global community.

    1. @ Mark Davis: I reported that the day after this post. Take a look. https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2015/12/01/google-denies-israeli-foreign-ministry-report-it-agreed-to-censor-palestinian-videos/

      The foreign ministry didn’t “correct” anything. They released a knowingly false statement to the media. After that statement was widely disseminated, the ministry removed the sentence containing the false claim & uploaded that to its website. But the false claim was already out there & few if any sites which trumpeted the original report noted they’d been hoaxed by the ministry. Nor did the ministry ever concede it had published a false report or correct the original one with a public statement.

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