Bibi’s Cynical Incitement Against “Leftist” NGOs, Noy Alooshe’s Bibi-Mix

Noy Alooshe has produced another one of his magificent satiric hip-hop videos. This one turns Bibi’s Congressional speech into a flashy dance routine in which the members of Congress jump up and down at the prime minister’s command as if they were trained seals.  Note also Naftali Bennett’s goofy cameo:

Today’s Bibiton (aka Yisrael HaYom) ran a screaming front page headline based on an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister himself, his first since returning home after his heroic exit from the lion’s den of Washington DC.  In the interview, he castigates unnamed “foreigners” and their millions, who’ve inundated Israel with left-wing propaganda designed to ensure leftist extremists topple his government.

Millions of Shekels from Abroad–to Increase Votes from the Left and Arabs [sic]

Netanyahu attributes blame: “there are very powerful forces whose purpose is to topple the Likud regime and replace it with the leftist government.

On funding streaming to [Israeli left-wing] NGOs: “the strategy is clear–to bring to the polls more leftists and Israeli Arabs [sic] so that the Arabs [sic] will win 16 seats and enable the formation of the leftist government.

On the Congressional speech: “My words penetrated deeply into [their, i.e. Congress’] consciousness.”

Bibi’s no doubt referring to the initiative of One Voice, which formed an campaign operation, V15, designed (though ostensibly non-partisan) to recruit voters for the Zionist Camp coalition.  Since the consultant running the campaign worked for Obama, it’s thought (especially among Likudniks) that the president and his Jewish supporters (better known as J Street) funded this personal assault, as Bibi views it, on him.

Bibi sees dark foreign forces at work seeking to overthrow him.  He’s like an Israeli version of Macbeth; or more likely Putin, who similarly passed laws outlawing foreign NGOs from his shores if they remotely questioned his rule.  It’s no accident that Avigdor Lieberman, one of Putin’s “good friends,” was one of the first to suggest that foreign powers were seeking to destroy Israel from within by funding NGOs who informed on Israel before international tribunals investigating possible Israeli war crimes.  Lieberman urged legislation which would restrict how much foreign sources could give to Israeli groups and force them to publicly identify every non-Israeli donor.  Bibi, who hasn’t an original political bone in his body is, in effect, aping his political rival.

Ironically, Bibi has no problem with foreign money propping up his rule.  That would be Sheldon Adelson to the tune of $3-million a month.  An Israeli media outlet reported that Adelson, who owns Bibiton, sinks nearly $40-million per year into it.  Bibi has publicly admitted that he wouldn’t be prime minister were it not for Bibiton.  One cannot underestimate the power this newspaper gives him and his fellow mafiosi.

So some foreign money is good and some is bad.  Very, very bad.  Adelson’s money smells like springtime and J Street’s smells like s(^t.  Interesting how that works.

Bibi’s pathetic pathology views the Zionist Camp, which is a rather shakily cobbled-together center-right political entity, as extreme leftists.  While it’s true here in America we have Tea Party lunatics calling Barack Obama a Marxist, socialist, etc. these people are marginal to American political life.  They’re oddities.  In Israel, the paranoid delusionals run the show.  They’re the inmates who’ve taken over the asylum.