Source: Israeli Teenage Kidnap Victims Likely Dead, IDF Shoots Two Palestinian Youths Dead in West Bank Riots

Burn baby, burn! Ramallah burns after Palestinian youth resist IDF search and destroy mission

UPDATE: Two Palestinian youths, one a teenager, were shot dead by the IDF during massive rioting in the West Bank today.  Over 400 Palestinians have been arrested.

My Israeli source tells me that based on what he’s heard from intelligence sources, the three boys kidnapped last week are likely dead.  He rated the possibility at 90%.  He tells me that though the Hamas detainees have not revealed any involvement of the movement with the crime, they have told interrogators that militants, since the kidnapping of Nachshon Wachsman, have learned you cannot remain undetected in the West Bank (as opposed to Gaza) with two security services hunting for you.  In the Wachsman case, they kept him alive as a bargaining chip, only to have the IDF assault his hiding place in an attempt to free him, and kill him instead in the process.  That is why most kidnap victims are killed.

There is a rumor, which Israeli journalists have publicly circulated on social media, that the intelligence services in fact know that they are dead.  Amos Harel alluded in a recent Haaretz article (Hebrew) that there is a security gag order prohibiting the media from reporting a major aspect of the case.  Namely, that the boys are dead.  Those reporting the rumor add that the government has placed this information under gag because it wishes to maximize the pressure on the PA to renounce Hamas as its partner in a unity government.  Israel also wishes to deal Hamas a body blow in the West Bank.  It also wants to distract world attention from its role in sabotaging the Kerry peace process.  With a possibility the Israeli victims might be found, this is still possible.  If they are found dead (or alive for that matter), Israel’s leverage disappears.

Yet another example of the cynical manipulation of tragic events by Bibi Netanyahu.

Today’s massive resistance to the ongoing IDF invasion of the West Bank can’t have caught Bibi off-guard.  In fact, I believe this mayhem is Bibi’s answer to the peace process.  He gets to say (without any justification): you see what your peace process leads to? These are the animals you want me to negotiate with?

Note who’s remained virtually silent during this mayhem?  Pres. Obama and John Kerry have left the Israel-Palestine to benign neglect, to use Daniel Moynihan’s remarkable phrase.  They don’t care about Palestine, despite their professions to the contrary.  If they don’t want a third Intifada, they better do something fast.

On a slightly different subject: Haaretz plans to host the Israel Conference on Peace on July 8th.  In the current climate, the very notion of such an event is a tasteless joke, but one that is typical for the clueless ones still clinging desperately to their liberal Zionist illusions.