Exclusive: Peace Now Price Tag Suspect, Parents Identified

Today, Israeli police released the suspect in the price tag attacks on Jerusalem’s Peace Now office to house arrest. As soon as he got home, he fired up his computer and began sending e mail blast death threats to every Peace Now activist he knew.  What’s even more astonishing is that he sent these emails in his own name using his personal e mail address, which allowed every recipient to identify him.  This despite the fact that his father, who works for the Shin Bet, managed to get a gag order restricing publication of his name.  More on Mom and Dad below.

Though I’ve been desperately seeking to expose this person’s identity for weeks to no avail (the court placed under gag any information about the suspect in order to protect his father, a Shin Bet officer), once he reoffended it seems everyone who knew his name lost patience and a number of victims exposed him. He is Dor Oved, age 18, whose mother is a policewoman. The family lives in Mevasseret Tzion.

Here is the email threat he sent to a Peace Now activist with my translation appended:

From: : דור עובד <doroved@gmail.com>
Date: 27 נובמבר 2011 15:45:59 GMT+02:00
Subject: א ז”ל

אני יהרוג אותך הסוף קרב

“Subject: E. RIP

I will kill you the end is near”

Is this Dor Oved pointing a gun at the camera, our culprit?

UPDATE: With the help of some good old-fashioned Israeli gum-shoeing, a source has helped me identify the parents names as well.  They are Shachar and Aliza Oved.  As I mentioned above, he works as a mid-level Shin Bet official and she as a police officer.  It is illegal to identify by name an Israeli intelligence agent inside Israel.  Thank God we follow different laws here.  Because Shachar Oved threatened the assembled press and photographers in court if they did so, and because his son is a menace to society and democratic values, I think it’s appropriate to identify the parents in this case.  I should mention that my source discovered their names through public documents which I’m not disclosing since they will reveal the family’s home address.

UPDATE I: I’ve been going back and forth regarding online footprints for Oved since there are a number of possible suspects sharing the same name possessing right wing views.  One of my Twitter followers suggested this Dor Oved as a possibility.  The fact that it seems the Facebook profile for this D.O. was removed, plus in the blurry image the guy is pointing a gun at the camera, with a possible IDF tatoo on his arm, and some stridently right-wing material in his Info page, lead me to rank him as our man.  The blurred images of Oved in this Nana video seem to offer a distinct resemblance to this individual, who appears short and stocky.  Another Israeli I consulted notes that in this FB profile says he attended Harel High School in Mevasseret.

A Rotter member has identified another Facebook profile which Dor Oved is explicitly using now (though not in his name).  But it appears to be one he created in the past few hours or day at most.  I believe he deleted the one above because it had his picture and lots of personally identifying information and is now using the one linked in this paragraph.

The family’s defenders say the parents were distraught at his arrest and the acts he confessed to. If so, they did an awfully lousy job of monitoring him on his return home. Not to mention, where did the boy’s hate come from originally? Most children don’t develop their hatreds on their own. They’re usually nurtured in the bosom of family. And with a police-intelligence officer parents there would be plenty of it swirling around that household.

I should warn the police, the suspect and his family that if he reoffends and threatens anyone else I’ll publish his home address and phone number here.  There may be some victims who would like to respond to him in kind.  I have a very firm rule against such personal invasion of privacy.  But in this case, his second round of criminality and invasion of the personal lives and privacy of Peace Now activists more than merits such a possible response. As an Israeli journalist responded to me when I called Oved “an idiot,” saying: “you’re insulting the idiots of the world.”  That about sizes it up right.

I am seeking a photograph of Oved and any further definitive information about him and his parents.

The suspect, who allegedly confessed to the bomb threat attacks while in custody, was naturally rearrested for his new offenses. The only person I feel sorry for here beyond the victims is the defense lawyer who has a fool for a client. But I suppose the dumber one’s client the more trouble he’ll get in, which keeps you fully employed.

Besides this miscreant’s evil deeds. an independent settler activist has stalked Peace Now’s primary settlement researcher, Hagit Ofran, by vandalizing her home and spray painting price tag death threats on her apartment hallway walls.  All of this comes on the heels of one of the gravest legislative onslaughts against Israeli democracy in decades.  Knesset political extremists have enacted legislation criminalizing public references to BDS, passed first reading of a bill that would levy fines up to $500,000 for libel or defamation and remove the need for a plaintiff to prove damages, proposed a bill that would virtually prohibit foreign government support for human rights NGOs, proposed a bill to explicitly declare Israel a Jewish state and presumably penalize those who hold different views.

Not to mention an entirely credible series of reports that Israel has been on the verge of launching a full scale assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

All in all, I’d say Israeli democracy is at the lowest ebb I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been following the Israel-Arab conflict (going back to 1967).  Lest anyone make the mistake of believing that Israeli democracy is somehow independent of Israel itself, if Israel’s values of freedom, justice and human rights die, then Israel will be dead in all but name.  It will remain as a corpse into which the far right can breathe its noxious fumes of hate, land theft and racism, thereby creating a new Golem.  We shall call this Golem, this Jewish monster, not Israel, but rather Judea, as in “in blood and fire Judea fell, and in blood and fire it shall arise.”

A final word of thanks to everyone in Israel and other places who contributed to the research that connected all the dots of this story.  Between peace activists in Israel, Twitter and Facebook followers from Israel to Chicago, I could never have put this story together without you.  It’s a tribute to our interconnectedness via social networking sites that this happened.  Consider yourself good citizens of the world, making it a better place, raising hell, comforting the afficted and afflicting the comfortable.

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