20 thoughts on “Grave IDF Security Lapse Enabled Kamm Document Theft – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m sorry if this is off-topic, but there is a new development in the IDF’s ongoing march towards a military/police state, and hopefully this will go viral before it’s too late.

    The IDF have come out with a new order that’s merely a pretext for the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank.



    This is just a veiled form of ethnic cleansing and I cannot believe that Israeli courts are allowing this to happen.

  2. Have you seen this Richard?


    JERUSALEM – Newly released court documents say a former Israeli soldier accused of stealing classified military secrets has admitted taking them to show Israel committed “war crimes” against Palestinians.

    I would say that is a PURE motive. Let the powers that be in Israel call it “treason” all they want, her reason, as given per “newly released court documents” was to show “WAR CRIMES against the Palestinians”

  3. @Kalea

    Why can’t you “believe that Israeli courts are allowing this to happen.”?

    This is the Israeli court system we are talking about.

  4. I know the “wise men of Chelm.”

    I just think that many people don’t know that there was an actual Chelm.

    I was once at a guest lecture at a university I attended. The speaker was known as an expert on Jewish Humor (several years ago so I don’t remember the professor). He brought up many of the Chelm jokes, and discussed that while Chelm never existed, it was a way for the jokes to be about a ‘mythical’ place that didn’t put down any specific people per say. When in the question and answer section, I asked him how it could be a mythical place, being that my grandmother’s family was from there, he told me I must be mistaken, and there was no place called Chelm. It was very surreal.

    1. I think I did hear that there was a real place called Chelm. But of course the stories about it have taken it into a fictional or allegorical realm. It would be interesting to trace the historical Chelm & figure out how & why it became this mythical place in Yiddish folklore.

  5. The defence that the IDF made the leaks too easy, will not stand up in court. It’s like saying that the doors of the bank were open. The defence that this was done to PREVENT an illegal action might; it’s the strongest available defence, unless the authorities have completely concocted a case out of nothing. Exposing illegality that’s already happened may be worthy, but it’s not necessarily legal justification for breaking other laws once the damage has been done. However, preventing a more serious crime, is, or ought to be a defence to most charges, especially as Israel was once willing to applaud the wartime allies for imprisoning or even hanging Nazis, many of whom were guilty only of failing to do what this young lady did do.

    In this context, “more serious” would have to involve the loss of innocent life to be sufficiently unambiguous to justify defiance of a lawfully-appointed (but not necessarily lawfully-acting) authority. This leads us onto the question of whether or not the state of Israel today regards any non-Jewish life as “innocent”.

    Medawar’s advice is to concentrate on whether war crimes were prevented or hindered by the leak, and whether or not the policy enshrined in the leaked documents was inherently illegal.

    As to whether the state of Israel breaks international law or not, perhaps David Milliband might be called?

  6. RE: “…the crisp pages of Proust turning in your hands…” -R.S.
    MY COMMENT: Oh, yes! Imbibing In Search of Lost Time / Remembrance of Things Past should always be accompanied by the sweet, musty fragrance of aging vellum!

  7. I’m a little surprised that this post seems to be concerned by security lapses within the IDF. Are we supposed to want an efficient IDF? Why would we want this collection of racist thugs to be secure in hiding their crimes? I’m confused.

    1. About as likely as Bibi Netanyahu will become the next Pope. The idiot right wing rails & spews, full of sound & fury signifying nothing. But the fact that she shreys & gets this into the mainstream media is damage enough to Israeli democracy. A rule of thumb is never to beleive anything you read at Arutz Sheva (the site you linked to) unless confirmed by a more credible source.

  8. I know the source is not credible, but in this case it’s giving the name of a Kadima member calling for this in the Knesset. Has Israel ever closed down a newspaper before on issues like this (which THEY are calling a security issue-Kam and the Haartz reporter who is thus far still in “hiding” avoiding turning over what they are demanding) Let me reword that, I’m asking if any Israeli newspaper has ever been closed down before over a “state security” issue.

    Bibi becoming the pope sure would be interesting! In light of the current Pope’s behavior covering up things I think it might be an even exchange (though not the same crime-definitely a CRIME nonetheless-and yes I’m a Catholic)

    1. Yes, to my knowledge one paper was closed after violating a gag order concerning an act of terror in which the terrorists were captured alive & then murdered at the direction of the Shin Bet. If I recall the events correctly.

      Also, Uri Avnery was attacked & nearly killed in the 1950s, he believes at the behest of the Shin Bet.

  9. Ah, I answered my own question, yes, indeed, and the newspaper which was shut down was owned by the same owners of Haartz. It was Hadashot. They were closed down for a few days over the “Kav 300 affair in violation of the Israeli Military Censor” and then went out altogether in 1993.

    So seeing that yes, a paper, which interestingly had the same owners, was shut down in Israel, isn’t it possible that if this drags out, considering the current right-wing government, that Haartz COULD be closed down?

  10. I do not know Solow, but that is a particularly suspect metaphor. Chelm is an image of charming goofiness, applied here to a band of mafiosi whose daily job is violence, murder, torture and oppression. There is nothing charming or goofy about the fact that these people also make silly mistakes. Let’s remember that this is not a soap opera but one of those places where the hope of millions for the most basic rewards of life is murdered daily.

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