Next Israel Military Order: Earth to Cease Rotating Around Sun

Can we next expect an IDF expulsion order for Galileo?

Israel’s odd concept of the gag order has received great prominence–and derision– in the case of Anat Kam.  Via a Facebook group established to protest her case, a member has devised a hilarious new Israeli order: apparently the top military brass find it inconvenient that the earth revolves around the sun.  To stop this malarkey, they’ve issued a military order that it cease and desist from doing so.  Judge Einat Ron has even signed the order.  Henceforward (Galileo was wrong!), the sun will revolve around the earth.  Until, that is, the order is removed, of course at the convenience of the IDF.

To protect the ass of the brilliant general who conceived of this, a gag order has also been imposed to prevent reporting it inside Israel.  Oops, I guess we broke the gag again!

My sources tell me the next step in this plan is to expel Galileo from Israel as a thorn in the side of the most moral and geo-physically advanced army in the world.