IDF Military Censor: Kam Gag Gives Censorship a Bad Name

Channel 10 TV: 'Gag order secured at the behest of Shin Bet chief'

Israeli media are beginning to place blame for the farce of the Anat Kam gag order squarely at the feet of Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin.  You know how bad things have become for him when even the chief Israeli military censor parts company in order to maintain its good name.  Didi Remez features this report from Danny Spektor in Yediot Achronot in which the IDF officer responsible for military censorship distances herself from the gag order by saying any attempt to imply that her office had any involvement in the matter constitutes “incitement” against her office, which conducts itself according to the highest standards of an Israeli government agency.  That word “incitement” is strong stuff reserved for a situation when an Israeli really feels their ox has been gored politically.

This gag order is beginning to remind me of the poor Spanish bull so bloodied and full of knives inflicted by the various toreadors and matadors that you wonder how it can still stand up.  Will someone finally put the gag out of its misery?