Chuck Schumer to Address Pro-Settler Rally

Chuck Schumer cozies up to the Jewish wingnut classes

Yesterday, I posted about Arlen Specter being an honored guest and speaker at a Daniel Pipes anti-Muslim conference.  But Jewschool has done me one better reporting that Chuck Schumer will address an Israel Independence Day rally sponsored by the right-wing National Council of Young Israel.  Apparently, Chuck hasn’t read any of the not-so-fine print in the rally poster which includes these lovely slogans:

♦ Jerusalem–united forever, never to be divided again
♦ No to a PA/Hamas terror state!
♦ No to the surrender of any part of Eretz Yisrael
♦ No to the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria

Among the sterling Jewish groups sponsoring this proud expression of love for Israel are the wingnut pro-settler Hebron Fund (“your home for Jewish pogroms”), Ateret Cohanim (the settler yeshiva and sponsor of Palestinian land thefts), Americans for a Safe Israel and Arutz Sheva (settler radio–“all hate, all the time”).

I know I have some New York readers.  Can some of you get on this and make Chuck feel the heat over this utter stupidity with which he has associated himself.  It’s one thing (and bad enough) to be in bed with Aipac and the rest of the Israel lobby.  But to lower yourself to embracing Jewish fascists who think nothing of making a little pogrom in Hebron before breakfast–this is utterly insane.  Not to mention that the rally denounces a two state solution, which is supposedly the policy of the U.S. government led by a president who shares a political party with Schumer (the last I checked).

Oh and let’s not forget the angelic image of the suffering Jonathan Pollard that graces the rally poster as well.  Chuck is lending his good name to supporting a campaign to free the Jew who sold to Israel the American plan for a nuclear attack against Russia; only to have the Israelis give the plan to the former Soviet Union in return for freeing several scientists critical to Israel’s military technology interests.  I like the image of Chuck coddling Jewish spies for Israel.  Apparently this doesn’t hurt him within New York’s electoral politics.  But it should.

There’s nothing wrong in Schumer marking Israel’s Independence Day…but in such company?  Must you, Chuck??

Since it seems to be “Senators Going Wild” week in our nation’s capital, might I suggest a cool idea for some of our more impressionable pro-settler, pro-Israel types?  Every year, settlers on Purim dance in celebration at Baruch Goldstein’s grave.  Maybe we can get Aipac to organize one of their special Congressional junkets to mark the occasion.  Arlen and Chuck should definitely be high up on the list of invitees.  We should also add Jane Harman, Brad Sherman, Anthony Weiner and Gary Ackerman as they’re among the lobby’s most faithful supporters (though perhaps feting Goldstein is a bit too indiscrete even for them).