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Panic in Likud at Party’s Freefall in Internal Polls

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You, yes you, Naftali Bennett, it’s all YOUR fault! (Olivier Fitoussi)

The Likud Party house organ, Yisrael HaYom, has a headline this morning (Israel time) showing Likud-Beitenu in a panic as internal party polls show it falling to either 31 or 29 seats (depending on the poll).  In an appeal to voters to renounce the party’s main rival, Bayit Yehudi, the headline reads:

Likud-Beitenu Calls on Voters to Return Home: Concern in ruling part about further decline in seats

Likud election headquarters has been shrouded in an atmosphere of disappointment…

The newspaper describes a last-minute campaign swing through Jerusalem with new Israel Lands Administration chief, Moshe Kahlon, during which both talked about the necessity of attacking economic and social justice issues.  This seems a direct response to the astonishing news that the party which campaigned hardest on those issues, Eretz Chadasha, will gain from 2-4 seats depending on which poll one reads.

A few hours ago I posted the results of an internal party poll showing Likud-Beitenu polling at a record low (for this cycle) 29 seats.  Since Nitay Peretz has tweeted the results and named the pollster, I can say it was Raffi Smith, the noted Israeli political consultant.  I’ve just received the internal poll for a different party (and pollster).  It shows Likud declining, but not in as catastrophic a manner.  Here are those results:

Likud Beytenu – 31 seats
Labor- 16
HaBayit HaYehudi – 15
Yesh Atid – 13
Shas – 11
Livni – 8
Meretz – 6
Yahadut HaTorah – 5
Hadash – 4
Ra’am Ta’al – 4
Kadima – 3
Eretz Chadasha – 2
Balad – 2

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  • Ilan Hadar January 21, 2013, 10:57 PM

    Let me use your own word before the election in the USA, when you told Netanyahu: “Stay the F**k out of our election”. So it’s time to tell you and Mr. President : “Stay the F**k out of our election”. The Israeli people will elect the right prime minister for themselves and the rest of the world (including Richard and Barak Hussein) will have to live with this, work with this and eat this is necessary.

    • Deïr Yassin January 22, 2013, 2:07 AM

      When you ask Barak [sic] Hussein to stay the f*** out of your elections, do you want him to pull out American money as well ? How come when I read Israeli extremists, I always get some kind of sympathy even for American politicians ?

    • William Burns January 22, 2013, 4:04 AM

      What leaders of Israeli opposition groups have been lavishly received and publicly praised at the White House, Ilan?

  • yan January 22, 2013, 7:37 AM

    Likud Beytenu – 31 seats
    HaBayit HaYehudi – 15
    Shas – 11
    Yahadut HaTorah – 5
    Total: 62
    Everybody knows that one only need 51% to rule, more seats means less governance.
    Thank you for these great news.

  • Davey January 22, 2013, 8:02 PM

    Which American President stopped off in Tel Aviv to tell voters who he supports?

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