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Mossad Sabotages Power Lines to Iranian Nuclear Plant

Iran’s chief nuclear scientist held a news conference yesterday in Vienna at which he revealed that the electrical power lines to Iran’s highly secure nuclear plant at Fordo were sabotaged in August by unknown assailants. Given that the IAEA demanded a spot inspection the following day, Iran suspects the UN agency has been “infiltrated by terrorists” or was exploited by the saboteurs. In the run-up to the Iraq war, the agency was found to have been infiltrated by western intelligence agents, so Iran’s fears aren’t unfounded.

My Israeli source says that the explosion was the result of a joint Mossad-MEK operation. The message Israeli intelligence sought to convey was that despite Fordo’s reputation as an impregnable fortress 300 feet under a mountain, it is vulnerable to attack. My source says the IAEA was not responsible for the sabotage. Though it’s entirely possible that Israel or the U.S. may’ve sought the inspection in order to track the level of damage done to the facility. They wouldn’t have even needed to reveal to the IAEA their real reason for seeking the visit.

If this theory is correct and the Mossad struck at Fordo, and Israel or the U.S. orchestrated the inspection to coincide, it would be alarming, since the UN agency would become an extension of western intelligence interests.

Iran says no harm was done at Fordo because it activated backup systems and generators to ensure the power supply to the uranium centrifuge arrays wasn’t disrupted.

In a related matter, Kaspersky and other cyber-security labs revealed that several hitherto unknown strains of computer worms related to the Flame cyber-virus were in existence as early as 2006. It was in 2007 that George Bush allocated $400-million specifically to undermine Iran’s nuclear efforts. Cyber-war capabilities were an intrinsic part of the project, which eventually came to known as Olympic Games. The cyber-security specialists have not cracked the encryption code, so they don’t know specifically who created them, what they do, or how they’re constructed. They do know that the viruses are infecting computers in the Middle East and that their command and control servers are still collecting purloined data.

It appears almost self-evident to me that these viruses are part of the western (that is, Israeli) cyber-war effort against Iran.

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  • The Mighty Cynic September 19, 2012, 8:38 PM

    Israel violates every notion and parameter of its own complaint against Iran: that Iran has an undeclared nuclear weapons program.

    Israel has
    1. an undeclared nuclear weapons program,
    2. circumvented the treaty controlling nuclear proliferation (that puts Israel in a group with North Korea),
    3. stolen an Israeli, Mordechai Vanunu’s, entire life for revealing to the world what Israel lied to President Kennedy about,
    4. a 189 nation demand from the last NPT review conference, with the US signed on, to come clean about its nukes and to sign the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty,
    5. a remarkably bellicose history that includes the massive slaughter of civilians, bombing using permanently radioactive depositing depleted uranium, and white phosphorous, a banned chemical weapon,
    6. no appearance of a moral compass or willingness to adhere to one that would give the impression that Israel is fighting to set things right. Instead, all indications show that Israel, due in major part because of its usurpation by extremist factions, is actually doubling down on bad behavior.

  • Bessam September 20, 2012, 2:16 AM

    And one further, Mighty Cynic:
    We see before our eyes the level of treachery, terror, and mendacity Israel and its collaborators/protectors, the United States, Canada and Great Britain, are willing to engage.

    One of the most stunning and iconic moments in recent history occurred in this video: Dana Karon, raised in Israel by zionist parents, told a Peter Beinart panel that “we were lied to.” “Our teachers, our text books, even the maps lie to us about Israel.”

    If we see Israel lying and killing today, right before our eyes; and if we are able to trace the habit of lying thru Vanunu and Numec/Zalman Shapira to at least 1960s (re nuclear weapons), and we are able to trace zionist pattern of lying in 1948 through the work of Benny Morris, and we are able to trace the zionist pattern of lying to ~1933 through the work of Edwin Black in The Transfer Agreement (which, Black says, he became aware of only in 1978), then when did the pattern of lying start?

    What can we reasonably rely upon as true and real about zionism and its claims?

  • Bessam September 20, 2012, 2:19 AM
  • robert mullen September 20, 2012, 8:20 AM

    Saddam Hussein placed the power supply lines for his uranium isotope magnetic separation plant underground for scores of kilometers. They were not found until Iraq was invaded and occupied. It is surprising (to me, at least) that the mullahs did not learn that lesson. Not seen in the news accounts concerning the sabotage of these Iranian power lines is whether it caused a power surge. Such would have the potential for damage at the facility itself, prolonging recovery to presabotage operational levels.

  • Rob September 23, 2012, 6:43 AM

    The US using the UN as an intelligence arm? My heavens! Where is the fainting couch when I need it…

    U.S. Spied on Iraq Via U.N.
    “United States intelligence services infiltrated agents and espionage equipment for three years into United Nations arms control teams in Iraq to eavesdrop on the Iraqi military without the knowledge of the U.N. agency that it used to disguise its work, according to U.S. government employees and documents describing the classified operation.”

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