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Bibi’s Freebie

I missed this story a few days ago because I was laid up in bed with a two-day virus.  When I just read Bibi’s bitchy response after the end of the first round of P5 talks with Iran I had a hard time believing the guy is in his right mind.  Here’s how he responded:

“My initial impression is that Iran has been given a freebie. It’s got five weeks to continue enrichment without any limitation.” He continued, “I think Iran should take immediate steps. First, stop all enrichment, take out all the enriched material and dismantle the nuclear facility in Qom. I believe that the world’s greatest practitioner of terrorism must not have the opportunity to develop atomic bombs.”

This is the response of a boorish ingrate.  It reminds me of watching a 5 year-old boy opening a present at his birthday party.  When it’s not what he wanted he screams and throws a hissy fit and embarrasses his parents and everyone else at the party.  As a guest you look on in horror and feel both shock and sadness for the poor parents who tried so hard and were met with such tantrums.

Either Netanyahu is an idiot who doesn’t understand how complicated international negotiations work and how long the process can take before agreement is reached; or he’s simply a boor who believes the negotiations will fail and wants to do his best to help things along to their eventual collapse.  Anyone reading this blog will know of my low opinion of Bibi.  But this is a new low and the man is truly hateful.

What does he think’s going to happen between now and the next round of talks in Baghdad in five weeks?  Will Iran finally put the bomb on the nuclear warhead and launch it between now and then?  What’s the hurry?  Was Iran supposed to throw up its hands in defeat during the first round and cry, Uncle?  All in order to make Bibi happy?

Let him explain to Iran’s hungry and vulnerable on whom the sanctions are weighing hardest that the west’s just given them a freebie.  It should resonate with them.

There’s a strong element of delusional narcissism  (a concept I picked up from a former loyal reader, Shirin) in his utterances.  The world seems to exist solely to make Bibi and the State of Israel happy.  To the extent that this doesn’t happen it’s the world’s fault and they owe something to him for that.  Personally, I think this guy was never taught limits by his mother. Pirkey Avot declares that the individual who says: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” is wicked.  That just about sums up Bibi.

The Israeli prime minister has to know how this sort of churlishness will go over in Washington, but he really could care less.  He’s unlike any other Israeli leader I can remember.  There isn’t a hint or an ounce of humility or restraint.  Like Meir Kahane before him, Bibi is simply in your face and could care less what you think.  American president?  Who cares?  I lead the Jewish people and we have a date with divine destiny.

And who do you think Bibi was meeting with when he made the “freebie” comment?  Sen. Joe Lieberman, of course.  Who else?  Joltin’ Joe and Bibi Freebie.  A match made in neocon heaven.

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  • dickerson3870 April 18, 2012, 2:32 AM

    RE: “What does he [Netanyahu] think’s going to happen between now and the next round of talks in Baghdad in five weeks?” ~ R.S.

    FOR ONE POSSIBILITY, SEE: US, Israel Challenged on Iran, by Ray McGovern, Antiwar.com, 5/20/10

    (excerpts). . . Many Washington insiders were shocked last Oct. 1 [2009] when Tehran agreed to send 2,640 pounds (then as much as 75 percent of Iran’s total) of low-enriched uranium abroad to be turned into fuel for a small reactor that does medical research. . .
    . . . Then, on Oct. 18, a terrorist group called Jundullah, acting on amazingly accurate intelligence, detonated a car bomb at a meeting of top Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders and tribal leaders in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan in southeastern Iran. A car full of Guards was also attacked.
    A brigadier general who was deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces, the Revolutionary Guards brigadier commanding the border area of Sistan-Baluchistan, and three other brigade commanders were killed in the attack; dozens of other military officers and civilians were left dead or wounded.
    Jundullah took credit for the bombings, which followed years of lethal attacks on Revolutionary Guards and Iranian policemen, including an attempted ambush of President Ahmadinejad’s motorcade in 2005.
    Tehran claims Jundullah is supported by the U.S., Great Britain and Israel, and retired CIA Middle East operations officer Robert Baer has fingered Jundullah as one of the “good terrorist” groups benefiting from American help.
    I believe it to be no coincidence that the Oct. 18 attack — the bloodiest in Iran since the 1980-88 war with Iraq — came one day before nuclear talks were to resume at the IAEA in Vienna to follow up on the Oct. 1 breakthrough. The killings were sure to raise Iran’s suspicions about U.S. sincerity.
    It’s a safe bet that the Revolutionary Guards went directly to their patron, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, arguing that the bombing and roadside attack proved that the West cannot be trusted. . .

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://original.antiwar.com/mcgovern/2010/05/19/us-israel-challenged-on-iran/

    P.S. In January 2012, an article by Mark Perry claimed that members of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had posed as CIA agents to recruit members of Jundullah for carrying out attacks against Iran. – http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/01/13/false_flag

  • Dorothy Naor April 18, 2012, 2:58 AM

    The phrase ‘the greatest practitioner of terrorism’ does not fit the head on which Bibi lays it. Iran has not attacked another country in several centuries. The same cannot be said of Israel.

    • David April 18, 2012, 10:46 PM

      It is a nauseating remark. Terrorism? Israel is the leading exporter of terrorism by a wide margin. Measure it in firepower, attacks on other countries, subterfuge, covert ops….any which way, Israel has got to be tops, or maybe second behind the US.

      Bibi doesn’t care, but his behavior will not be forgotten or forgiven. I feel sure that a ledger is being kept by the administration and Bibi will have a very hard time after November. I really believe this. Of course, I’m naive.

  • Fernando April 18, 2012, 4:34 AM

    I mostly agree with Richard and I get it that Bibi is a rather unusual leader and I certainly is no fan…but I do not understand the notion if Israeli sub ordinance to the USA. Certainly Israel is an sovereign nation with very special links to the USA but in reality and politically more so we know that the USA needs Israel very much in the Middle East. Bibi will disappear from the pages of time(pun intended) but the overweighted need for Israeli Middle East USA support will only sway the pendulum of need towards the USA. I personally also believe that the American Jewish lobby is the most complicated political and economic force out there and very much aligned to their own needs and morally support Zionism but never actually partake. To everyone his own…a mon avis

    • John Welch April 18, 2012, 10:03 PM

      I’m not sure how the US benefits from having Israel as an ally. When the US is attacked and goes to war, the Israeli military sits at home and sometimes invades tiny Gaza, and sometimes attempts to invade Lebanon.

      At most, this annoys Arabs.

      It certainly never helps the US.

      Worse, the Netanyahu coalition has attempted to start a war against Iran that only the US would fight. We have been trying to end an irrational war in Iraq, and a never-ending war in Afghanistan. Netanyahu’s attack on Iran would just be worse for the US.

      Can anyone show what aid Israel gives the US? In what way is Israel an ally?

    • David April 18, 2012, 10:48 PM

      “the US needs Israel in the Middle East”?? Really? How so? The US can replace Israel with an aircraft carrier or two and not have to deal with a demanding, petulant child in the bargain.

  • ginger April 18, 2012, 4:50 AM

    Zionism IS delusional narcissism – with the Holocaust used to defend the sociopathy

    Hermetically sealed from change

    • David April 18, 2012, 10:54 PM

      I finally figured out that Zionists did not draw the universalist message about racism from the Holocaust, in any case. They are only against racism if it is directed at Jews. Otherwise, fine. So they push for a Holocaust Remembrance holiday so that the world will not pick on Jews, like Richard picks on Israel, for example. As for universal — fergetaboutit. The message of the Holocaust has been lost on Zionists and Israelis supporting the government and the settlers, etc.

  • Corinna Hasofferett April 18, 2012, 7:41 PM

    let’s look at the full half: from now on instead of Holocaust Memorial we have been granted a better substitute: The Iranian Threat Memorial Day/s.

  • Fernando April 19, 2012, 4:33 AM

    Zionism, the Holocaust and the forming of the State of Israel…got more to do with the US than any other country in the world. American Jews contribute a HUGE part to the Economy, Intellectual, Moral and Political landscape in the US that influence American Foreign policy. Think of the rich history between Israel and the US, one would be a fool not to realise the US interests in the Middle East-it really is THAT important. We could argue till we blue in the face but the fact remains Israel punch way above its weight in world politics and influence and making the Holocaust a non event is a grave mistake and a shame. One should also recognize the gross human rights abuses towards Palestinians and condemn acts of violence towards and civil population. Also an Iranian nuclear bomb will change the face of the region forever as Arab states will see this as a common threat. There are many angles of play here an no amount of name calling will give a fair amount of perspective to this world changing play. Aircraft carriers? Iran will blow them out of the water if they so chooses to and its a joke to think they can replace Israeli importance towards US interests…again no small play here. A stable Middle East is critical to world peace. Iran and Israel are no kittens when it comes to the “Art of War” Bibi needs to go…meno male

  • Cory Kern April 19, 2012, 3:38 PM

    Sorry to hear that you were ill. Refua shlaima!

  • bezoar April 19, 2012, 7:02 PM

    OK, lets assume Johnathan Pollard was a little confused when he passed to the Israeli Embassy in D.C. a few dozen pounds of U.S guvment classified documents while employed as an intelligence analyst at DNI, at which due to his security clearances he had accesses sufficient to trot them out of the building and drive them in his own vehicle to the Israelis. Of course, when the U.S. found out about this traitorous activity we asked the documents be returned. Guess what. We did not get them back and we still do not know who else saw them. That’s what happens when you lose control. Old news, but still interesting that Bibi has been trying to convince every U.S. president since Garfield to spring Pollard from prison. When he tried it with Bill Clinton he came close to a bash on the nose. Now that would have been worth a little spilled blood, and might even have generated some balance in our relationship with our ‘friend’ in the Middle East. Another opportunity lost.

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