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France’s Le Figaro Latest to Attribute Iran Missile Base Explosion to Mossad

imam ali missile base

Shehab 3 missile launch site at Imam Ali base (Shaiegan/AFP)

France’s right-wing Le Figaro is the latest mainstream media source to attribute the Imam Ali missile base explosion to the Mossad.  Without naming its sources, its Israel correspondent mentions several tantalizing features of the explosion-attack that might make it the work of Israel’s intelligence service.  But unlike previous speculation, which focussed on dissident groups inside Iran which might have been exploited for the attack, this report indicates (again without naming sources) that it might’ve been the work of an air attack:

New “accident” involving IRG facility credited to Mossad.

Unexplained deaths or disappearances of scientists, technical failures , mysterious viruses, the Iranian nuclear military programs regularly suffer damage that is unlikely to be attributed to chance.

The triple bombing on October 12 in a secret IRG missile base is the latest in a long series of setbacks and accidents, which all have in common damaging the strike capabilities and strategic nuclear programs of Iran.

Le Figaro’s reporter notes somewhat melodramatically that the base would be reachable by Israeli missiles and U.S. missiles from Iraq.  The likelihood that Barack Obama authorized such a strike is close to nil.  The former then goes on to quote an apparently Iranian source saying that neighboring villagers heard explosions and assumed they were an Israeli airstrike.  While some, Le Figaro notes, speak of Mossad, other experts note the possibility of an airstrike.

An Israeli tabloid site not known for its reliability, Inyan Merkazi, quotes unnamed foreign sources claiming the Mossad, through local saboteurs, caused a massive underground explosion that consumed the IRG’s Shehab-3 missiles.  Actually, the NY Times reported that other separate violent incidents had been caused by internal dissident saboteurs and noted the possibility that the same happened here, but it didn’t claim this was in fact what happened.  And it never claimed that missiles had been destroyed.

So, we either have the Mossad feeding stories to local reporters to aggrandize themselves, or reporters piecing together the work of others and embellishing here and there to create a more dramatic story that credits Mossad with derring-do, or we have genuine journalism exposing Israeli involvement in this act of sabotage against Iran.  Take your pick.

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  • Joseph November 7, 2010, 2:17 PM

    I was reading the bible last night and saw a passage a mysterious hand that wrote on the wall just before the empire collapsed , it was in the book of Daniel I wonder if the same hand blew up the missile base, crazy uh

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