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Comcast.net: Spammers are Hijacking our E-Mail Addresses!

Spammers and virus spawners are preying on Comcast.net customers who previously held attbi.com e mail addresses. My own old e mail address has been hijacked by these scummy folks to send out bogus e mails to countless numbers of unsuspecting e mail addresses. The messages contain viruses and all manner of vermin forms of life. I know this because the ISPs which are catching these messages before delivery are returning the e mail to me with details of the harmful content of my supposed outgoing messages.

Does anyone know what, if anything I can do?

My only idea was to contact comcast.net abuse and ask them to either disable my old e mail address or to allow its use by only the individuals in my Contacts list. I sent abuse@comcast.net copies of the Return Delivery messages from the ISPs and asked for help. I received no answer. Then I called comast and a customer service rep told me that this is a widesread problem for comcast and their abuse staff is working on a global solution that will end the entire phenomenon. But you can’t speak with the abuse staff because they don’t accept calls from the public. I love this response as it always indicates the highest level of customer service (not!). I guess this was a way to get me off their backs by telling me they couldn’t fix my individual problem until they fixed the big one. I suspect I know what will happen here. But let’s be optimistic and hope they will fix the problem.

If this is happening to you get in touch with the abuse folks at your ISP and don’t be bashful.

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